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Project 26:26 latest Updates

On this page, I'll be sharing the latest updates, videos and photos from the road, and everything you need to know about the marathons I've conquered, attempted and the ones that lie ahead.

So lace up your virtual or real trainers and join me on this adventure as we run, raise funds, and most importantly, increase awareness about Macmillan and all they do for families like mine.

If you’d like to run a mile or more with me, get in touch.

You’ll find the most up-to-date schedule on Instagram. You can send a message there or find other ways to connect.


Messages of support

Number 26
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Number 26

Marathon #26 - london

Tom, we did it. 💚

Wow! What a day. Thank you for all the support. It means so much. I’ve been blown away by all the messages of support and money we have raised. 26/26 - challenge done.

Marathon #25 - the final local run

What a turnout! Very overwhelming the support today. Can’t thank everyone enough, what support. 25 weeks have been amazing thank you everyone! 1 more to go 🙌🏻

Marathon #24 - 3, 2, 1... LEt’s goooo

Wow! Tough conditions first thing. 3 in 7 days! But the support today got me round thank you so much everyone! 2 to go now last one in Crosby next week 💚🙌🏻

Marathon #23 - Catch up number 2

Boss squad for an early morning midweek marathon which was ace, everyone helping me get round. Not far off the London Marathon now and the end of this particular challenge.

When you see first hand the kindness and compassion shown by the amazing Macmillan nurses, you can’t help but want to raise funds so they can help other families like ours when they need it most of all. So again thank you all for the support so far.

Marathon #22 - Easter Sunday

Enjoyed the route for Easter Sunday and as ever thanks to everyone who ran and cycled with me it’s really helping me get round especially at the moment. Big thanks again to Andy, Jack, Chris, Lauren and Mr Lindley for running and cycling with me.

It was nice to be greeted by such a great crowd at the end - plus a cheeky Easter Sunday pint to cap number 22 off! Can’t believe I’ve only got 4 left to do, it’s been quite the journey so far.

Marathon #21 - remembering tom

This was the hardest of the lot so far. Thanks for all the messages of support and for those who came out with me this weekend. Tom has always been my inspiration for taking on the Project 26:26 challenge. I never dreamt that it would become such a big thing, but I know how proud Tom was of what we achieved together through the challenge. We had some fun times along the way too, spreading the message of cancer and raising as much awareness as possible. I’m devastated that he won’t be there to see me when I cross the finish line in London next month but I know he is cheering me on.

I’m more determined than ever to complete this challenge. For Tom and for me. 5 to go... We’ve got this!

Marathon #20 - Liverpool half

Wow! What a day that was, I loved it. First half into the start line with James, Liam, Jess & Warren all great running. With Jack, Kev, Barry & Karen on bikes. They all helped me into the Liverpool Half Marathon start line! Was a tough one at 15 miles hitting Upper Parliament Street. But the support from crowds got me through! Big shout out to everyone who ran the half especially Alive Fitness run club, all smashing their own targets and some hitting big 23 miles today. Great team effort today.

We have 6 to go let’s goooo! 💪🏼💚

Marathon #19 - Albert Dock and back

Good run! Few extra days recovery helped. First 6 miles with Keith Southern - the legend. Then cruised into town, round the Albert Dock and back. I managed to give the Liverpool fans waiting outside the titanic some stick 🤣

Paula giving me £20 at Burbo Bank really helped me through the last 6 miles with Alive Fitness run club! Big Chris IIvine carrying me across the last 5 miles, total legend. Onto number 20 next week with the 2nd half being the BTR Liverpool half marathon! 🔥

Marathon #18 - Monday night effort

Wow that was a slog! Monday night Marathon. Started well but 3 marathons in 8 days caught up with me 🤦‍♂️

Carl Howarth first 5 miles, with Robbie doing 7, and Tom Gallagher smashing 10 out with me! Great support. Thanks lads. Lonely cold dark middle! Then James Taylor carried me last five miles, I would have walked otherwise. It’s done onto number 19 next 💪🏼

Marathon #17 - a sneaky one!

Boom! Catch up 1 done.

Very steady all the way, except last 5 miles in that headwind on the front. Pit stop at 24 miles for some school cake and a mars bar 🤣 We plodded home got it done!

Pleased the body held up after going again so soon but the muscles are tired, so it’s time to recover before we go onto number the next.

9 to go! 🙌🏻💪🏼

Thanks for all the continued support this week - I’m determined to finish this challenge and raise as much as we can.

Marathon #16 - liverpool half marathon warm up for alive fitness

Feeling good! A lot better than the last one! A great morning with Alive Fitness Run Club getting in their half marathon training. Big surprise visit from Shaun Doran, Lloyd Parker, and Ste long. Paul Kayley and Brian Kielty great support again boys thank you 👏🏻🔥 And Paul Newsham smashing his 20 miles out for his marathon training 👏🏻 And a big shout to Alan McTavish smashing his 4th marathon this year with me! What a legend. A lot of good runners this morning kept me going - thank you again for the support means a lot! We have 10 to go!!!! 🔥

Marathon #15 - back on the road!

Hardest one so far! But we got it done. Couldn’t feel my left leg majority of the way round but we got round and got it done!

Big support from Alan McTavish smashing another full one out and Chris Irvine straight off a plane to start with me! David Dolan running the furthest he’s ever ran with me too. All kept me going all the way - plodding along. And thank you to Lauren especially, for dragging me through the last few miles too. That was a big one mentally done. Onto 16! Let’s goooo.

Marathon #14 - keeping it on the flat

Running number 14 today with my super squad, keeping it flat to go easy on the knee.

Into the second half of the challenge now - pushing on to raise as much as possible for Macmillan Cancer Support who are just amazing at looking after families like ours when we need it most of all.

Thanks for all the support so far - and for all the birthday wishes yesterday.

Marathon #13 - half way there

Wow what a feeling that was!!

No knee for 22 miles but we got it done. Really overwhelmed by the support from everyone to mark the half way mark. Lauren, Jane & Jane, Claire, Paul & James, plus Kevin and Andy on the bikes! Gavin, Cal running half and the incredible Mr Lindley completing the full marathon with me - I wont forget that. Thank you to everyone who joined along the route or at the end. Such a special moment for me and the family. Onto the next one let’s hope the knee gets sorted.

Marathon #12 - Finch Farm to home, via the bridewell and Old tap

A lot better than last time I did this route! Few steady inclines and windy on Otterspool. But joining my support team in town was a great lift. We had King Kev all the way on the bike! Then Lauren, Jane Lee, Jane Strange, Nicole, John and Millie! All seeing me back to the Old Tap.

Yes that is me outside the Bridewell at 18 miles having half a Guinness and a Mars. Much needed, gave me some energy for the last stretch! Onto the halfway mark next week 🔥

Marathon #11 - crosby / formby

Cold start this morning! Icey roads but never stopped us. James Taylor and Alan McTavish braved the cold to join me early doors. Felt good after last run which was horrendous. Tough towards end (as expected) but amazing support all the way round.

Alan carried me last few miles and of course the Alive Fitness seeing me in. With a big crowd of friends and family at the finish too - thank you! Onto the next!

Marathon #10 - christmas eve

Wow that was the hardest by far so far!! Wind 💨 rain 🌧️ hills. The lot. Foot was in bits at the end! Few stoppages but we carried on, nothing will or ever stop me 💪🏼 Jane Lee unreal support yet again, getting off the bike and carrying me across the finish line. Alan McTavish smashing half out with me; we blitzed the first half probably to quick in that wind. Jack Nayler flew us out the gates too! Thanks for the support, enjoyed the beeps along the way! All the support means so much - gonna enjoy the Christmas festivities 💚

Marathon #9 - BigFeats’ BIGXMAS (sale, manchester)

Different location today! And terrain 🤦‍♂️ Solo run for first 20 miles, followed by my dad in the support van. Excellent support though, got a lot of beeps and people stopping to clap which was really good and kept me moving. Meeting up with the Alive Fitness run club to complete the Xmas 11k trail run was horrendous. 20 mins later turning up and terrain is not what you want after 20 miles. Ended up 28 miles overall, as you do! Loved the finish, alongside my wife Lauren who really helped me cross the finish line on this one.

Marathon #8 - via goodison and anfield

Felt good this morning, weather good and a great support team can’t thank them enough. Bikes Jane Strange Jane Lee Claire Sharrock Millie King Kev and Robbie! Support Runners, we had Brian Kielty smashing another marathon - the beast! Paul from Penny Lane Striders smashing half out with us and can’t forget Still Ryan as well, what a guy 🙌🏻 Of course the Marsh Lane Harriers and The Alive Fitness run club - superb as always! They’re the highlight of most runs that keep me going for that final stretch, thank you everyone for the support you keep me going!

Marathon #7 - solo run

Need to be sick more often 🤣 felt really good this morning. Running solo too was nice (but missed the usual company). Great support from Jane Strange (ever present!) was a cold one out there this morning! Robbie and the support van too! Few ice rinks but we got it done under a lot of people telling me rest.

Marathon #6 - Crosby Formby Circuit

Today’s run was dedicated to Laura Hands. Tough again today. But again, unreal support which just keeps me going! Neil Hulme smashing full marathon out today, and comfortable! Support from those on the bikes was again so uplifting! Andy Ludley joining from Huddersfield pre-match for more than half. Jason O'Keefe smashing half marathon out! Chris Blackburn, Liam Clark, Brian Kielty all carrying me again. And of course, finishing strong with the Alive Fitness Run Club squad as always. Special shout out to my dad for following in the support van with his lights and new signage supported by Crosby Coffee Roasters. The conditions are getting tougher each week and I’m so grateful for all the support and help to get me over the line. 💚

Marathon #5 - Crosby to Sefton park

Unreal support today! The legend Brian Kielty another marathon, Liam Clark smashing a full too! And Gaz W with a big 23miles - unreal. Big support on bikes too, thank you to everyone there! Also, Marsh Lane Harriers showing class support again which kept me going, wouldn’t have done that today without them all pushing me along. Overwhelmed by the support I’m getting thank you so much 💚

Marathon #4 - Crosby-Maghull-Formby-Hightown

Tough one for Number 4. Not felt great all week, chesty and cold. But dosed up and we cracked on!

Keith Southern and Philip Riley with the early mile support this morning, plus King Kev Dowd on the bike talking all things Everton was great. And a big boost in the last 5 miles with the top Alive Fitness run club. 💚

Hot bath and recover this week - onto number 5...

Marathon #3 - Sefton

What amazing support!! This team is unreal. Chris Irvine - some effort, smashing his first marathon. Brian Kielty, wow what a legend just casually cracking a full one out too! Alive Fitness crew & Marsh Lane Harriers smashing it - thank you! Chris Murphy, James Taylor, Jason O'Keeffe, Sean Miller - top support! Kev, Robbie and Neil on the bikes. 💚 You can watch a highlights reel from Week 3 on Instagram.

Marathon #2 - London

As Everton played West Ham on Sunday 29 October, marathon number 2 took place around the capital. I travelled down ahead of the team and set off on Saturday afternoon with a small group of fellow runners. It was great to be greeted back at the team hotel by Everton players and staff who have been supporting Project 26:26. You can watch a highlights reel from Week 2 on Instagram.

Marathon #1 - Crosby, Liverpool

I completed the first of 26 marathons in Crosby on Sunday, 22 October. I was so grateful to be joined along the way by friends from Alive Fitness Running Club and arriving at the finish line by a cheering crowd, including our Tom, outside Crosby community cinema, Plaza was so special. You can watch a highlights reel from Week 1 on Instagram.

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